Soap Challenge: Cosmic Wave Technique

I’m back for another soap challenge.  This month it’s the Cosmic Wave Technique.

I thoroughly enjoyed the piping challenge that I participated in last time.  And I can’t wait to get back to trying some new piping techniques.  However, this cosmic wave is definitely a challenge!  I’ve gone through three batches and I’m still not 100% satisfied with my finished soap.  But time is running out and I’ve made the decision to enter my 3rd and final attempt at the Cosmic Wave.

First off,  I had the wrong mold for this challenge.  The log mold was what I had on hand so that’s what I used instead of the slab molds that were suggested.  Since I had the log mold I decided to cut my bars differently to try and get the  view of the soaps from the correct angle.

The first two attempts, I realized,  I was pouring it wrong.  I was shaking my hands trying to get the “wave” effect.  After reading an update from Amy Warden that shaking the hands was the wrong approach…..  The third soap actually worked out better (without shaking my hands, of course).

This was a fun challenge.  And I will attempt it again in the future.  The colors and the designs it created in my finished soaps were pretty interesting to me.  But time is a-wasting for this challenge so here are the photos to my Twigs & Berries Cosmic Wave Soap…


Do you want to see the making of the Twigs & Berries Cosmic Wave Soap?


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