Photography Props

Infant Crown

Crowns.  I have been wanting to make these for a while now and now I finally have several completed!   These are so cute when used in Infant Photography props.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any professional photos available to share.  But I’m sure you know what they look like.

Hempathy yarn by Elsbeth Lavold was used to make the crown pictured.  It was then stiffened and set to dry.  There were 2 white crowns made first and I set them to dry on a large bottle type container.  But I didn’t like the way it had stiffened.  Sort of straight up and down.  If you notice by the picture above it has a nice fluted shape.  I love it!  Want to know what I used??  A football.  Yes, in deed.  And it came out PERFECT!  Now I need to find a prince to wear it.  😉