Soap Packaging…

I have already wrapped plenty of soap for the month of June… and yet, I am still wrapping soaps!  Don’t get me wrong… I don’t mind wrapping the soaps or even making the soaps.  It’s the clean up I’m not too fond of.  😉  I had my toddler visit me in my craft room and he wanted to use my hole puncher to “cut paper”.  So I had tiny paper circles (along with my pile of papers) all over my floor! It kept him happy so I could keep working.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  Cut away!

Here are a couple of pics of todays wrap-a-thon.

There are more soaps to wrap…. after a little clean-up first.  😉

New Technique Results

I’ve been in my soap room working on a new technique I’ve recently learned about.  I wanted to share the photos of my results with everyone.

Artisan Soap
Artisan Soap

My first batch was scented with Bubble Gum Phthalate Free fragrance oil.  It’s still a little soft…. but I couldn’t WAIT to cut it!

Artisan Soap with Swirls

The swirls came out pretty nicely considering it was my first go around.  I’m used to cold process where the swirling is a little easier.

 And with these test batches I’ll be able to use up some fragrance oils I’ve got floating around!  Create some more space  so I can fill them up with …. more oils, of course!  😉

My recipe used a good amount of Olive oil.  That would explain the green tint to my bar.  I didn’t have any titanium dioxide mixed and ready so I left that portion alone, but I did want to incorporate a red for the “bubble gum”.    Specifically,   I wanted to test my coloring and swirling technique.  I’m pretty happy with the outcome.  However, I know that I can do better with a little practice.  Now,  I wonder what I’m going to try with my second batch.  Hmm…

More Soap Packaging


I’m wrapping soaps again today!  And today it’s shampoo bars.  The packaging was inspired by a fellow blogger. SOAPJAM. (Although her packaging is much nicer.)  I love how how it adds color and completely covers the soaps.  I’ll need a little practice with folding my papers just so to acheive the crisp look I’m going for.  However, over-all, not bad.