Rose Scented Cupcakes | September Soap Challenge

When I received the email from Amy Warden’s GreatCakeSoapWorks Soap Challenge for September I knew I had to try it.  I’ve been following the soap challenges for a few months and this one was one I wanted to try.  So here is my story…

The challenge was the Piping Technique.  Right away I knew I was making a cupcake.  And since I had just received a new bottle of Fresh Cut Roses fragrance oil … that was my fragrance of choice.

Pink.  My Rose Scented Cupcake was going to be Pink and White.  The challenge I saw before me was piping the roses.  I’ve never really given piped roses a try.  But the youtube videos made it look so-o-o easy.   So piping the roses was going to be my first task.  I have to say…. they weren’t that difficult once I got the hang of it….and my batter was almost thick enough to pipe.  I say “almost” because I was so afraid it was going to be too thick so I started piping too soon.    You all should know that soap batter has a mind of it’s own…especially when you give it strict instructions to behave because you have a contest and you have a time limit!img_20160913_155524-01.jpeg

img_20160913_110747-01-02.jpegThe roses weren’t my problem, believe it or not.  I was pretty happy with them.


It was the base of the cupcake that I had a bit of trouble with.  Yes, the easiest phase of the cupcake – the base.  It started to thicken on me.  Why?  Ha. Ha.  Because I was using a floral fragrance!  I didn’t add the fragrance to the batter for the Roses, so there was no problems piping them.  But when I added it to the base,  then left it for a second to get out my silicone cupcake molds…. it thickened a bit much on me.  The finished cupcakes didn’t look bad.  More of a Rustic Victorian Style.  Really pretty …. But I really wanted a SMOOTH bottomed cupcake.  So on  to round 2….

The second batch went pretty well:

-I had gotten my smooth bottomed cupcake like I wanted.  And my roses were already pipped from before so they were good to go.

-The white frosting was piped nicely and neatly (even though I’m using a floral fragrance).  I think I’ve found a trick.  But I’ll have to test this theory out on the next cupcake.

– I added the roses I thought were the best.

-The leaves were placed where I thought they should go.

And then…. I remembered.  I had forgotten the Glitter!   So besides the missing glitter… I think the cupcakes came out just as I was hoping!  I know a few spots where I could use some work on my piping technique.   But I am very happy with my Rose Scented Cupcakes!  So here is the picture I’m sending in for my challenge:


I enjoyed the process so much that I’ll be making more cupcakes in the near future.  Next up is Lavender Scented Cupcakes.  Can you hear my mind swirling with ideas?

Thank you for allowing me to participate.  I’ve had loads of fun in the process.


UPDATE:  Watch me make these cupcakes on YouTube.